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What are the advantages of choosing carpet for your toddlers bedroom?

Posted on 02/01/12, filed under Fresh News | No Comments

Carpeting your baby or toddlers bedroom with a good pile carpet is the best route to go down as the thicker the pile the more sound insulation they will get. Also for trips and falls a thicker carpet will protect their bottoms and knees better!

A deep pile carpet can actually trap in dust rather than a hard floor which circulates it around the room. Carpet fibres are proven to trap the dust and allergens into the pile until sucked up by vacuuming. It is advised to hoover 2 to 3 times a week to ensure that the dust is removed and doesn’t build up. On a good stain resistant carpet spills can we cleaned up easily too.

A carpet is a lot easier to remove and replace than hard flooring if the result of all those little accidents such as potty training, yoghurt spills and felt tip pens becomes too much to bear!

A rug is a great way to protect the carpet too and to give a bit of character to their bedrooms – plus it is even cheaper to replace a rug than it is carpet! Have a look on our sister site to look at all of our kids rugs!

If you need any help or advice with what carpet to get, then pop into our showroom in Worthing as we will help you!

What is the best flooring for hallway and stairs?

Posted on 29/12/11, filed under Fresh News | No Comments

The hallway is the busiest part of the home for foot traffic and dirty foot traffic at that being the first stamp from the outside world, so a hard wearing carpet is needed if carpet is your flooring choice. A nice dense pile carpet should be considered for this area so that it last many years. An easy clean carpet should be thought about too, such as a bleach resistant carpet so that dirty foot marks can be cleaned away easily.

Karndean flooring should also be considered as it is very hard wearing and easy clean too! Karndean flooring comes in many different styles from wood effect though to stone effect as well. If you have a larger hall way a rug is a great accessory to add a splash of colour and warmth to the floor sell a fantastic range of rugs for you to choose from!

Most of all a nice mat should be put by the front door so that you can wipe you feet to get the excess dirt off your shoes before walking on the carpet! Kids and pets cannot always be trusted to do this though!

Much the same applies to the stairs as well as the stairs take quite a foot hammering, so again a hard wearing carpet should be though about. Stripe carpet look fantastic on stairs and landings to give that extra bit of style to your home. Regency Carpets stock many different styles and colours of stripe carpet so come down and have a look at our samples, we are located in Findon Valley near Worthing in West Sussex.

Look After You Carpets Properly

Posted on 22/12/11, filed under Fresh News | No Comments

The best way to keep your carpet longer and from the pile breaking down is to stop dirt and dust from getting right into the pile discolouring the carpet.

See below some tips to help you:

  • Vacuum your new carpet regularly at least two or three times a week.
  • A large, strong doormat will reduce dirt from outside being spread around the house.
  • Avoid where possible laying light coloured carpets next to external entrances.
  • Loop pile carpets should be vacuumed with a cylinder cleaner using the suction head only.
  • Cut pile carpets should be vacuumed with an upright cleaner with beater bar and brush.

Man-made fibre carpets and wool twist pile carpets should be vacuumed regularly as soon as they are laid to pick up any isolated particles.

Cleaning Stains off your carpet

Follow these general rules below for dealing with spillages. For more persistent or unusual stains contact a professional carpet cleaner.

  • Spillages are more easily removed if tackled immediately so act promptly and blot off all the liquid stain with dry kitchen roll or a clean dry white cloth. Semi solid substances should be removed with a plastic spatula.
  • To clean off any remaining stain use a clean damp cloth soaked in warm water to blot the stain. Use a dabbing action with the cloth and then blot out the remaining liquid with dry kitchen towel.
  •  Do not rub the pile surface of your carpet or oversoak the stain.
  • Always work from the outside of the stain inwards to minimise the stain spreading.

Regency Carpets offer a full service of fitting and supplying all types of flooring including Karndean flooring. We will give you all the help and advice needed to pick the right flooring for your rooms.