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Carpet colour trends – making them work for you

Warm Coloured Carpet
Warm colors can range from the very lightest of yellows to the very darkest of reds and browns.Our initial thoughts for warm colours are the orange, terracotta, reds and browns.

When choosing a warm color we think of oranges, reds and yellows.  When applying these types of color choices to a carpet, the warm colors translate into browns and rusts.

If you have a large room you can afford to go the darker route and these will make the room feel cosier especially if the theme is carried across onto the wall.

Cool Coloured Carpet
Cool colors also run from light to dark.The most common theme is blues, greens and greys. The darker the shade you choose will make your room seem more grounded and the lighter the colour will make the room seem larger.

Neutral Coloured Carpet
When we think of neutral colours, we naturally go to beiges, browns and creams. Cream is not the colour for you if you have a house full of kids or pets!

These make for great grounding colours and you can add bold colours using rugs or cushions to add in splashes of colour. Our sister company The Rug Showroom have a grand selection of rugs for you to pick from.

Bold Coloured Carpet
Bold color choices are made by those of us who like to make a statement. The most popular at the moment is bold stripe carpet – these are fantastic for hallways and stairs or for larger rooms in your home.

Success is pairing bold colors with the most suitable of partners when it comes to your total combination of carpet, paint, fabric and accessories.

If you want more information and advice about having some carpet fitted or any other type of flooring, Regency Carpets are at hand. We can offer you a free quote and measure, call us today on 01903 262277, or come and see us in-store in Findon Valley  near Worthing, West Sussex.

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