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The Benefits of wool-rich carpet

A wool rich carpet gives unbeatable luxury, combining softness with durability.

At Regency Carpets we advise you on the best carpet to suit your needs. We offer many many ranges in store.

Regency Carpets Showroom

Regency Carpets Showroom

For discerning consumers and well known contract installations, a blend of at least 80% wool is the preferred choice. Wool rich carpets grace some of the most prestigious locations and homes in the world – and it is no wonder considering the benefits of wool rich carpet:

Resilience – It wears very well

Appearance Retention – It looks good for longer

Luxury – It is naturally soft and warm and comfortable underfoot

Sound – Impact sound is significantly reduced as it is absorbed

Insulation – An excellent thermal insulator, heat loss through the floor is significantly reduced as is heat loss from one’s feet so improving energy efficiency

Indoor air quality –  Humidity and airborne toxins are absorbed so indoor air quality is greatly improved

Fire safety – Naturally fire retardant, it does not support combustion

Safety –  Soft and forgiving, it has high slip resistance , cushions falls and reduces the potential for injury

Environmental properties – It is a natural product, grown on sheep grazing in open countryside.  It is also a sustainable raw material as well as being biodegradable. The production of wool fibre has a lower impact upon the environment than synthetic fibres used in carpet.

Flexibility – Easy to dye, it produces high colour definition and lustre.  It can also be blended with synthetic fibres to enhance durability.

Ease of maintenance –  Wool is naturally ‘soil hiding’ and so appears cleaner

Health – Airborne dust is reduced and allergens trapped prior to removal by routine vacuum cleaning

Information for this blog was taken from The Carpet Foundation.

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