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The Truth About Carpets and Asthma

Scientific studies now agree that there isn’t actually an increase in the number of asthma and allergies among children and adults living in homes with carpeted floors.

Despite the general consensus that believe carpet is no good for asthmatics. It is believed that carpet stores the dust and particles which then irritates the breathing, but if the carpet is hoovered regularly then this is would never be a problem. And in fact the carpet actually helps keeps the dusts contained so it doesn’t fly around the air aggravating the asthmatic.

When choosing a carpet, it would probably be best to choose a short pile carpet to cover your room, there are many different styles and patterns that you can go for these days ranging from stripe carpet through to neutral coloured carpet.

If you need anymore information about what carpet is best for your needs then call us on 01903 262277, or pop into Regency Carpets Showroom in Findon Valley near to Worthing. We use our own highly trained fitters to ensure your job will be fitted perfectly.

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