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Tips on how to get rid of sour milk smells from rugs and carpets

There is nothing worse that seeing a glass of milk spill on your rug or carpet. The initial clear up is relatively quick, but its the stinky aftermath, that can linger for days if not weeks if it isnt cleaned properly. There can be several stages required to operation clean up

With good reason, professional cleaners are often the most effective method for removing milk odor from a carpet or a rug. Some cleaners, such as Febreeze, are meant only to mask the smell, and so may not be very effective.

The best solution for removing the horrible carpet smell is to invest in an odor eliminator designed for carpets, such as “Odor Ban.” Also, odor removers designed to take care of pet odors, such as “Carpet Fresh” or “Nature’s Miracle,” will be highly effective in eliminating the sour milk smell from your carpet.

Strangely and most bizarrely, vinegar is one of the most effective cleaners you will find in your house. Mix equal parts water and vinegar and pour onto the stain. You may need a stronger vinegar concentration if the stain is older. Let the vinegar work on the stain for at least 30 minutes, then blot it and vacuum the remainder of the solution. The smell of vinegar will fade after a few days, this is a far more accepting smell than sour milk.

An alternative is to call a good professional carpet cleaning company and asking them.

Good luck!

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