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What are the advantages of choosing carpet for your toddlers bedroom?

Carpeting your baby or toddlers bedroom with a good pile carpet is the best route to go down as the thicker the pile the more sound insulation they will get. Also for trips and falls a thicker carpet will protect their bottoms and knees better!

A deep pile carpet can actually trap in dust rather than a hard floor which circulates it around the room. Carpet fibres are proven to trap the dust and allergens into the pile until sucked up by vacuuming. It is advised to hoover 2 to 3 times a week to ensure that the dust is removed and doesn’t build up. On a good stain resistant carpet spills can we cleaned up easily too.

A carpet is a lot easier to remove and replace than hard flooring if the result of all those little accidents such as potty training, yoghurt spills and felt tip pens becomes too much to bear!

A rug is a great way to protect the carpet too and to give a bit of character to their bedrooms – plus it is even cheaper to replace a rug than it is carpet! Have a look on our sister site to look at all of our kids rugs!

If you need any help or advice with what carpet to get, then pop into our showroom in Worthing as we will help you!

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